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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Brothers in Exile


Review of Brothers in Exile by Joe Vasicek

Overview from Deep in the Far Outworlds, a derelict space station holds the bones of a long-dead people—and a beautiful young woman locked in cryofreeze. When the star-wandering brothers Isaac and Aaron Deltana find the sleeping girl, they soon realize that they are her only hope for rescue. If they don't take her, then slavers certainly will.

With no way to revive her, they set a course for the New Pleiades in hopes of finding someone who can help. But a storm is brewing over that region of space. After a series of brutal civil wars, the Gaian Empire has turned its sights outward. A frontier war is on the verge of breaking out, and the brothers are about to be caught in the middle of it.
They both harbor a secret, though. Somewhere else in the Outworlds is another derelict station—one that they used to call home. That secret will either bind them together or draw them apart.

My Review:

I apologize in advance for not prioritizing correctly this week but it seems this next review is again for the Sci-Fi genre which is something I usually don’t do. That is, I try not repeat genres too much with the exception of Historical Fiction which is my favorite. I will try to do better next week.

Our novel, or novella, is the story of Aaron and Isaac, two brothers travelling out in space. Their home planet ran out of room for them as well as opportunities so they took off as space traders, which was something of a tradition among their people but only for the oldest son. However because of their situation, their father sent both of his sons out.

Things seem to be going fine until they reach a space station where almost everyone appears to be dead. Everyone except a girl covered in henna tattoos and frozen in a cryogenic state. They can’t figure out how to thaw her out so they take her with them, along with the other cargo they’ve collected, to prevent her from being discovered by slavers and made into a slave. Now they need to find someone who has the equipment to thaw her out and to do that they may need to search the galaxy.

Thus, begins Aaron and Isaac’s adventure. I won’t give any spoilers here, that’s not my style. But overall the story is good. The characters are interesting. The only that I didn’t like about this book were its use of the word “very,” which is meaningless, and because there were some other errors that probably could have been caught by hiring a good editor. Still, it is a free book, or at least it was last time I checked. If you like Sci-Fi, you might want to check it out. Not sure I like it enough to follow the series though.

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