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Saturday, May 9, 2015

DeWitt's Strike

DeWitt's Strike

Review of DeWitt's Strike by Greg Hunt

Overview from As they rode into the canyon called Bloody Run, Ridge Parkman heard Rafferty mutter urgently, "Here it comes."
In the narrow canyon the dynamite blast was ear-shattering. The powerful explosion hurled chunks of shattered rock at Ridge and his companion with lightning speed.
Ridge's horse squealed, whirled in panic, and went down, throwing him out of the saddle and against the canyon's rock wall ten feet away.
Ridge Parkman had signed on to fight the bandits preying on DeWitt's Strike. Now, as darkness claimed him, he wondered if he'd even live to see them.

My Review:

It is back to the Old West with DeWitt’s Strike which features one Ridge Parkman, a US Marshal in disguise, as our main character.

Parkman comes to a town know as DeWitt’s Strike in Colorado during the gold rush period. The town has been having trouble sending what gold they have been able to mine out so that the miners and other interested parties can make some money off of it.

The thieves and outlaws always seem to know when the gold will be shipped out and they promptly steal it from the wagons before they can make it out of the area. This is especially strange since it seems like there are only three or four people who are privy to that information. So Ridge, along with everyone else, wonders is someone feeding that information to the thieves or are the thieves just very observant?

That is what he aims to find out. Meanwhile he tries to keep a low profile to appear as non-threatening as possible.

The story itself is very entertaining and not too violent. I like the fact that the author puts us in the story right away rather than resorting to the back story of Ridge Parkman as a US Marshal. At first he seems like an ordinary drifter as is his intention. Only later do we discover his real purpose for coming to DeWitt’s Strike and why he wants to keep it a secret.

I’ll admit that it was a little confusing at first but the exciting beginning kept me hooked. Later my loyalty was rewarded with a great story.

I liked the characters and the mystery behind it. And it doesn’t take place in your typical Western location. I hope to continue the series at some point and I recommend it to my readers who like Westerns.

Contains: some language but not a lot

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